Nate Matthews for Parker Town Council

The Family Focused Candidate

My vision is to see the residents of Parker thrive!

"Maintain Parker’s small-town community feel as we grow into the future"

Nates Vision for Parker

Parker has been voted a top place to raise a family. I want to make sure it stays that way by building a future that embraces the small-town family feel that makes Parker so appealing.  As the family-focused candidate, my vision for Parker and its residents include three main ideas:

Responsible Growth for Parker CO

Responsible Growth

It’s no wonder that Parker has experienced significant growth in the past couple decades. Its desirability as a place to live combined with a location convenient to jobs at the Denver Tech Center, downtown Denver and surrounding areas will continue to make our town popular. Over the past few years we’ve seen apartment buildings popping up across town, increasing traffic and commute times and threatening to change Parker's small-town atmosphere! While growth is expected due to Parker’s appeal, we need to focus on responsible growth that pays for the necessary infrastructure to continue supporting all of Parker’s residents while maintaining the small-town community feel.

Pools for Parker

Pools for Parker

Our high schools have excellent fields and facilities for their football, baseball and other sports teams, but the swim and dive teams are being shortchanged because of a lack of pools. The swim teams currently schedule practices at Parker Rec and host their swim meets at other high schools outside of Parker. This has become increasingly inconvenient for team members and their families, as well as for Rec Center patrons. As Parker's population is expected to grow by over 50% in the years ahead this problem will become more acute. Our town needs an additional pool that can host swim meets and practices, along with swim lessons, water aerobics and more without overburdening the existing Rec Center.

Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons

I envision creating a partnership with our towns business owners to help high school students learn about real world careers from local entrepreneurs. Too often, young people lack basic knowledge about how business works and the opportunities right in their own backyard. The Expanded Horizons Program will allow them to sample various types of careers on a rotational schedule and give them the confidence they need when actually seeking a job. As a community, we can give our youth experiences and sucess that will expand their future horizons - who knows, some may even find their lifelong calling right here in Parker!


I desire to serve my fellow Parker residents, if elected here are my top priorities:

Eliminate Parker's
3% Sales Tax on Groceries!

I want to see the residents of Parker thrive! One way for residents to thrive is to reduce or eliminate taxes whenever possible. Through my years in finance, I've seen how financial stress affects many families everyday, with food often representing one of their largest expenses. As a Town Councilmember, I will work to eliminate Parker's 3% sales tax on grocery sales. The tax savings could provide enough for a dinner out in Parker, a fun activity for a child or enhancing educational opportunities.

Oversee Our
Tax Dollars

A key responsibility of Town Councilmembers is to approve the annual Town budget. I've spent my entire professional career in finance and I will utilize my financial expertise to scrutinize the Town budget and oversee our taxpayer dollars and how our funds are spent!

Support Our
Police Officers

In cities across our nation we've seen riots, looting and calls to defund the police. While Parker has historically been one of Colorado's safest communities, we need to promote the rule of law by supporting our police officers. Everything else we do as a community is impacted by our residents feeling safe to live, send kids to school, shop and dine. As a Town Councilmember, I will make sure our police department stays appropriately funded, allowing our men and women of law enforcement to continue to serve and protect our community!

Beliefs about Government

Municipal elections in Parker are non-partisan but as I’ve been out meeting with residents they want to know what I stand for and believe about government and elected officials. 

Here are some of my core beliefs:

  • Elected officials are to serve and represent their fellow citizens! 
  • All levels and branches of government are to defend our Constitutional rights, freedoms and liberties!
  • We need to support our law enforcement officers and promote the rule of law in our communities. 
  • Personal responsibility - I believe that individuals are better equipped than government to decide what's best for their lives.
  • Parental rights - I believe that parents know their children best and can make the best decisions for their upbringing.

About Nate

Tiffany and I have lived in Douglas County for most of our marriage, we moved our family to Parker in July 2016 and fell in love with the town! Our seven children range in age from 16 to 1 and each has enjoyed living in Parker – from the parks and bicycle trails to frozen yogurt on Mainstreet our family has enjoyed the benefits and amenities of living in Parker. Tiffany has taught dance since she was a teenager and taught at Parker Dance Academy. Our children are active around Parker participating in classes at Parker Dance Academy, playing soccer and other sports. As a family we have attended Southside Bible Church in Centennial for over 16 years and are actively involved within our church.

"Our family has enjoyed the benefits and amenities of living in Parker!"

"I am passionate about philanthropy and helping others succeed."

I am a member of Southside Bible Church’s Emergency Response Team and have helped the church organize volunteer efforts to the Denver Rescue Mission. I am passionate about philanthropy and helping others succeed. Outside of my professional occupation, I serve as an administrator for a charitable fund started by a group of Christian business owners that pools funds to be donated to local and international 501(c)3 organizations. In 2019 I completed the Parker Civic Academy and my interest in serving the residents of Parker grew – inspiring me to run for Town Council.

Background & Education

I grew up in a military family – moving around the country every few years. About the time I started High School my family moved to Omaha, NE. I was home schooled and graduated from high school at 16.  I started taking classes at the community college and later transferred into the University of Nebraska-Omaha where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration when I was 20.  

Originally planning on a flight career in the military, I obtained my private pilots license at the Offutt Aero Club on Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. My career plans changed going into my senior year in college when I met my wife Tiffany at my brothers wedding during the summer of 2002. Knowing a military career didn’t match the family life we wanted I pursued my passion for finance and entered the financial services industry in February 2003. The weekend of graduation we packed up my apartment in Omaha and moved out to Littleton, CO. Tiffany and I were married a year to the day after we met on July 5, 2003.  

We knew we wanted a large family and also had a passion for adoption. After having five children biologically we adopted our sixth child and later had one more biologically bringing the total to seven - we have four daughters and three sons.

Career & Job History

Throughout high school and college I was a lifeguard and swim instructor. Growing up around the water I enjoyed swimming and teaching children and adults to swim and enjoy the water. During my senior year in College I worked for a time at the Omaha Airport Authority as a Communication Center Operator. After meeting Tiffany my focus shifted from the military and aviation to finance. I started in residential mortgage finance in February 2003 and remained there until February 2010. After the financial crisis I moved to an area of finance I had wanted to be in for years – I took a position as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. I am now a Vice President with UBS Financial Services and have been with UBS since November 2012. I have continued my lifelong love of learning by obtaining several professional  designations – I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.  My goal as I work with my clients is to help them grow and protect their wealth.  My wealth management process includes budgeting, financial analysis, strategic planning and most importantly the implementation and execution of financial plans.  I believe my knowledge and experience gained while working in the financial services industry will carryover very well to serving as a Town Councilmember.    

"My knowledge and experience gained while working in the financial services industry will carry over very well to serving as a Town Councilmember!"

Are You a Parker Resident or Business Owner?

I'd love to hear from you!

What do you love about Parker? What would you like to see changed or improved? What concerns do you have moving forward? Please connect with me and let me know!

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